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Since its foundation in 1987. Consis International has helped over a hundred Insurance carriers around the world achieving strategic results through Information Technology. With more than 3 decades of success developing and implementing innovative solutions, Consis International has become a preferred provider of Solutions for the Insurance Industry.

We design intelligent core business systems, robust front-end web tools, component solutions and innovative frameworks for the Insurance Industry by combining cutting-edge technology with the Insurance chain value and best common practices applied to the emerging e-Business models.

In order to facilitate the process, we transform technological value into business value for our clients, designing and providing solutions to enlarge its visibility, market-share, and profitability.


1987 - Consis International was founded in August       1987 in Caracas, Venezuela taking advantage of the experience working for local insurance carriers and creating a successful product called CONSEG (for IBM AS/400 platform). CONSEG was installed between1987and 1995 in 14 local insurance companies and 6 in LATAM.

1993 - Considering the technological evolution and new platforms, Consis began developing (circa 1993) a new version for open systems client / server environment, using the last development tools and Oracle database. The core system is called Acsel/X and to date has been installed in over 60 companies in 14 countries, being currently the more mature core, stable and scalable solution in its genre.

1999 - Since that time continuing the evolution of our tools, Web-oriented now, from the rising of our current base of Web tools shaped by new products as Acsel-e and i-FlexPro which complement Acsel/X, our powerful architecture Insurance the new generation of insurers.

2010 - Consis creates dedicated teams in Panama and Guatemala to provide implementation and post-implementation services to our installed base in Central America.

2011 - Consis creates a dedicated team in Mexico to provide implementation and post-implementation services to our installed base.

2012 - Consis Mexico office is opened in DF and a dedicated team is established in Bogota, Colombia.

2013 - Consis Peru office is opened in Lima

2014 - Consis Brazil office is opened in Sao Paulo



To become the IT platform of systems and services to deliver competitive advantages and innovation to our Customers in order to fully develop its time-to-market, efficiency and profitability in their natural Business Markets.


To provide innovative technology solutions and consulting services to the insurance industry with quality and using best practices and industry standards.






  Customer Satisfaction


Oscar Carrera


One of the founders of Consis International, graduated in Business Administration & Management, has taken several courses of specialization during his 35 years of experience in the field of computing. As a CIO of a Venezuelan Insurer he developed Policy Administration Systems and decided to create Consis in 1987 to attend the insurance market software. Since today he has contributed to build 3 different generations of software for this field, selling and implementing these versions on almost a hundred carriers in more than 18 countries over the past 25 years.

Miguel Cerra

Chief Technology Officer

German Marcano

Executive Vice-President

One of the founders of Consis International, from the formal education point of view he graduated as an Engineer, Oracle Master and MBA postgraduate; honored as recognized speaker in several international conferences and events related with IT/Insurance industry. He has being in charge of Consis Operations for more than 25 years, managing and bringing services and IT solutions to more than 100 insurance companies in 18 countries, this includes all services brought to Customers as Consultancy, Application Implementation, Training and Support among others. His experience goes from all the Application Development life cycle to Information Technology implementation, especially for the Insurance Industry.

A founding member of Consis International and current CTO (Chief Technology Officer). He is graduated in Business Administration, he also has made numerous certifications in Oracle and Java and countless Management specialization courses. He is based in Florida, USA, being responsible of the creation, maintenance and all the products life cycle. His experience covers the direction of successful projects which have generated Insurance products used in many countries in America and Europe. Over the years he has developed the ability to conduct commercial presentations of the products including relations with clients and third parties.

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