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Life and Accidents Risks

The architecture of ACSEL and the components flexible configuration provide insurers with the capability to administer and manage any Life and Accident products and plans, and to create package plans as combinations or customized plans defining particular conditions as desired for any aspect of the value chain, whether regarding conditions for sales distribution channels and commissions, claim processing requirements, reinsurance, etc. In short, it is a robust tool that allows clients to create and maintain products tailoring them to their business areas needs.

Improve Productivity and Increase Customer Satisfaction

The system is able of administering products and plans (both individual and group, as the case may be):

  • Whole Life.

  • Permanent.

  • Universal

  • Temporary

  • Savings Plan

  • Funds (Capitalization)

  • Benefits

  • Annuity (Life, Temporary, Deferred, Educational, etc.) Unit Link.

  • Funeral and Burial.

  • Mortgage Lien

  • Flexible Benefits.

  • School Insurance.

  • Labor.

  • Personal Accidents.

  • Total or Partial Disability.

  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment.

  • Accidental Death, Group.

  • Terminal Illness (Accelerated Death Benefit)

  • Flexible.

  • Life, Group.

  • Life, Debtors

Respond to Changes without Impacting Effectiveness

Depending on the type of coverage and plans involved:

  • Individual and Group Policies:

  • Generation of formulas for loans, extensions, settlement and reserves, based on the type of product. 

  • Pre-existing conditions.

  • Automatic and documented loans.

  • Changes of any kind: Addition, coverage, beneficiary, etc.

  • Reinstatement.

  • Mortality Tables.

  • Commutative, control of.

  • Partial and total surrender

  • Paid-up insurance

  • Extended insurance

  • Extra premiums

  • Mathematical reserves

  • Savings reserves

  • Capitalization operations

  • Fund and Investment Management

Need more details?

We are here to assist. 

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