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ACSEL Mobile

Acsel/Mobile increases communication between insurance companies, customers and partners enabling us to reduce costs in time, making sale processes and services more efficient, thereby achieving the promise of information anytime, from anywhere.

This product is adaptable to the needs of the company and easy integration into core systems, administrative systems and / or ERP, that the client currently have.

Acsel/Mobile works on Smart Phones, Tablet and any device that has Internet access. Acsel/Mobile also works when Internet access not available, keeping all information in the device and then synchronize the information in both directions when the connection is enabled.

You can perform most operations on your device so that they are running locally, such as modification, inserting images, consultation or eliminating an inspection. Activities that require Internet to synchronize with the server application are: Business Update, Sync and Connect to Social Networks.

Among the variety of benefits that Acsel / Mobile offers we have the following: extend the scope of your offers and services to mobile devices, providing access at any time and place, to continue operating without Internet access, drastically reducing the time-to-market and increasing productivity while helping to reduce costs.

In the specific case of the inspections, the formats are user-defined and according to the safety provisions, these are executed by the user and can also generate reports, add images and / or audio, track appointments.

Benefits with Mobile Integration

  • Allow the organization to reduce costs by extending self service to mobile platforms.

  • Take advantage of the benefits of the technical functionalities of mobile devices that are not available on other platforms (camera, credit card processor, off-line operation, etc.)

  • Extend the capacities of the business providing applications to a much wider audience of users and locations (eg contributions or collection traveling through tablets).

  • To have a common architecture to better manage the development, implementation and support of applications in data centers, cloud and mobile platform consistently.

  • Have additional savings because the devices are more employee-owned or allies.

Some Uses of the Mobile Platform

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